Welcome to CasettaTech!

All of our applications are currently completely free — no adds and no in-app purchases. I hope you have enjoyed CasettaTech applications and will leave a positive review on the app store.

Here you can find support for our current products and discover opportunities to leverage our value add services. We are a small startup company that will fill the needs of a technology driven future.  We are currently focused on the opportunities that mobile platforms bring to the world, but can expand into any area that aligns with the philosophical direction of the company.Our Vision:

To be the Technology Company that creates opportunities for our customers and creates a better World in the process.


Android Development

Do you have a business that would like to develop an Android app for your customers? CasettaTech may be able to develop that for you. Currently, we are developing and distributing applications on Google Play.


Have a project that requires experience and guidance?  We have experience with 5 Phase, and agile approaches for small to large projects.  We can share our lessons learned , and help you to come in under budget and on time.


Do you have something that requires more than a typical code mill can generate?  We can help with that ultra creative requirement that others have said “can’t be done.”